Dogs in cageThe human consumption of eating dog meat in the 21st Century goes on across the world including China, Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, Switzerland and other parts of Europe, the Americas and the African continent. It was estimated that in 2014, across the world, 25 million dogs were eaten by humans. But it’s in SE Asia were the barbaric and inhumane slaughter of dogs and cats has caught the World’s attention.

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The Chinese have been eating dogs for around 400 years in the belief it helped ward off the heat in the summer months. Yet the Annual Yulin Dog Meat Festival was only inaugurated as late as June 2009! It goes on for about 10 days during the summer solstice and all kinds of atrocities are carried out on the dogs and cats. The arguments against are that the festival has no cultural value and has been devised to make money for the traders who fiercely defend their rights to hold the festival.

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The irony is that a draft law in 2009 was proposed to punish abusers of dogs and cats in China but the National People’s Congress has not yet signed it and have not issued any statement about it. There was also a proposal to heavily fine organizations who were caught selling dog and cat meat but that hasn’t been signed either. The local Yulin Officials appear to be unable to stop the festival even though legal experts say it is still unlawful. In fact, Yulin Officials have gone on to deny the festival actually exists! They have tried to disassociate themselves from it and banned local government employees from attending.

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More and more Chinese are opposed to dog eating festivals as they embrace dog ownership. It’s little wonder when research has shown a significant number of dogs taken off the street have been pets. They can be identified by their collars and tags. Many Chinese authorities insist the dogs are bred on dog farms. Animals Asia carried out thorough research and could not find evidence of any sizeable dog farms. Their conclusions were that the dogs are strays taken off the streets but there was a high proportion of ‘stolen’ pet dogs. They are then transported to the festival in overcrowded filthy cages on trucks sometimes for days without food or water.

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As in many other areas of Chinese life, this festival is based on superstition. The belief is that the meat the festival-goers eat will bring them good luck, good health and keep evil spirits at bay. The reality is it is more likely to bring bubonic plague, rabies, anthrax and any number of other diseases affecting their bowels and causing horrendous diarrhoea! The conditions in which these cats and dogs are kept days before the festival, the fact most of them are feral and eating rotten garbage out of bins and many already are diseased has got to be such a huge health risk to any human being!

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At the end of their journey, the dogs and cats are beaten with clubs and metal rods to induce pain and fear in the animal as their adrenaline-rich meat is believed to be tastier. They also like to kill and cook the dogs and cats in front of purchasers who like to know the meat will be fresh. The animals can then be skinned and boiled alive, throats slit, disembowelled and dismembered in front of other live cats and dogs. Those animals not killed will suffer another day in the filthy cramped cages without food or water. The scenes are sickening and haunting…….

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