Horses in a fieldI am old enough to know sulking isn’t going to get me anywhere! It times like this and I think about what other people have to put up within their lives. Some people have so little and yet they give so much of themselves to help animals in need. It doesn’t matter what continent you live on because there is always neglect and abuse of animals in every country in the world.

This might sound like a bold statement but I believe it is true. The reality is animals throughout the world are put at risk by human beings. I live on the border of Devon and Somerset in England and about half a mile away we have a farmer who fails to look after his farm stock and a large herd of ponies to the point that he makes headlines on the front page of the local paper. The words in big bold letters spell “HORRIFIC NEGLECT”. Dozens of animals lying dead in mud or left in pens without food to the point where they are emaciated. Why? What have these creatures done to deserve this? More importantly, why have the authorities failed them?

As human beings, we don’t appear to have much compassion for animals. The media is full of stories about horses and ponies left to starve; dogs starving in houses where the owners have left them without food or water for weeks; cats, dogs and ponies tortured for no reason and how many small pets are left in hutches and cages without food and water in their soiled stinking bedding.

So I have gone from sulking about the cold weather to complaining about animal abuse in the UK within a few minutes. I should really get off my soapbox before I start on the rest of the world! Poaching endangered animals, slaughtering dolphins, massacring street dogs, pathetic trophy hunters, keeping animals in circuses and ill-equipped zoos, dog fighting, bear baiting….. oh where has that lovely warm spring weather gone to. Someone bring it back, please.