Big BearIn the biggest rescue of its kind, have saved 130 Asiatic black bears, also known as moon bears, from the intensive practice of bile extraction on a farm in Nanning, China. Through negotiation and hard work by dedicated founder Jill Robinson and her fantastic team, the farm is now to become a sanctuary for these precious bears. Bile extraction is a painful and horrific procedure which the traumatised bears go through daily in tiny cramped cages. It’s cruel beyond belief and serves no purpose.

The bile is used in Traditional Chinese medicine but many practitioners now agree that it can easily be substituted by herbal and synthetic alternatives. The fact that the transformation of the bear farm to bear sanctuary has been favourably reported by the “influential Chinese state media” across China is hopefully the beginning of the end to bile bear farming in Asia.

An estimate of 10,000 moon bears is still living this daily horror which is unnecessary and for no purpose. have a tremendous task ahead of them along with other charities like the WSPA in seeing bile bear farms closed down for good. Meanwhile, has the task of taking care of these traumatised bears and getting the urgent veterinary attention they need to about 30 of the bears. The farm has to undergo extensive work to turn it into a safe haven for the bears. Having to deal with so many bears at once and acclimatize them to their new home and freedom from the small dingy cages will be an incredible challenge. Their ambassador for the UK is Peter Egan, a well-known supporter dedicated to animal welfare.

We are in awe of the work involved but we can all help by donating what we can. Therefore Luv Dogz Ltd will use their general charity account for this project in 2014.  More information will be available soon. Meanwhile, check out the links and see what you can do to help!