K9 Kalm medicineWe have rebranded our Calm Care for dogs and we now have K9 Kalm added to our K9 Range.

Suitable for any size dog from Toy to Giant breeds.

A Natural Feed Supplement combining an unparalleled range of ingredients.


K9 Kalm has been designed to encourage tranquil behaviour in dogs. Capsules can be given whole or broken and sprinkled on your dog’s food in times of stress such as:

  • travelling
  • kennel stays
  • grooming
  • separation
  • show events
  • fireworks
  • visits to the vet
  • thunderstorms
  • mild anxiety disorders
  • unrestrained barking
  • general hyperactivity


For peace of mind for you and your dog K9 Kalm can help to promote mental and physical relaxation and decrease stress and anxiety. For continuous use of the product we can offer a three month trial at a reduced price for your dog.

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