Last Chance Dogs Deserve A Furever Home

Read Caroline’s story and how she is devoted to saving the lives of dogs.

We urgently need a furever together home, organized by Caroline Delaye

This is quite an unusual request for help but Caroline has a history of many years rescuing and training large breed dogs in Ireland. What made them different was they were ‘last chance’ dogs who were deemed to be too difficult to help and needed to be put to sleep. With Caroline the dogs were given their last chance and Caroline took them on and helped close to 100 dogs to become loving pets and companions for new homes.

Caroline has struggled in the past to find a place to live with the animals she has rescued. For the last 7 years she has lived in a house that had no central heating but had some land and as she described it, it was still heaven for her and the dogs. She now has less than 4 months to find an alternative property but really needs to find the funds to buy a place. It doesn’t have to be in good condition because she needs to start from somewhere. It’s going to be a struggle because even those people who don’t have pets or just one or two dogs can’t find properties to rent so Caroline knows there is not much hope for her and her dogs on the rental side.

Looking to the future, it’s the right time to achieve her dream of becoming a charity. This would enable her to help far more dogs and other animals whose future would otherwise come to an early end. They weren’t born into this world being a problem. Many of the dogs have been treated badly or starved or just not been looked after and reared properly. It’s not their fault  and they deserve a chance to overcome their fears to be able to live a happy life. Caroline has the ability to do this for them.

Much of the work Caroline does needs to be recorded, written down and shared amongst all dog owners for the good of these innocent creatures. Once again we are informed that dog rescues are inundated with dogs that need to find homes. In fact some rescues are having to put many dogs to sleep each week because they haven’t the space to keep them. Hence the ‘last chance’ dogs don’t get a chance of survival. It’s a crying shame and much more can be done to help educate and support pet owners.

I am certainly willing to give support to someone who has rescued so many dogs that other charities wouldn’t take and then succeeded in reforming them. Please give even a small amount if you can donate and/or share on social media. This project must succeed! Caroline needs a platform to give people and their dogs, and other pets, the benefit of her experience and techniques. Her dogs live in a house, they all get on with each other and they are able to live happy lives. There are many more dogs and owners that could benefit from her support.

Time is running out for Caroline and her dog family. Please support her for the benefit of the dogs now and those in the future that will need help and kindness to go on to live happy lives. This is a Charity in the making but it needs your help and support, not just for a donation now, but for the future as well.

Thank you for reading Caroline’s situation and the dogs that she has cared for and those she is currently caring for and the ones she can care for in the future with your help.


Please donate to help these ‘Last Chance’ dogs and this incredible lady Caroline Delaye.