Back in the summer, we launched our first animated video created by Superstar Pets and it was a roaring success. Funny isn’t the word when you watch a Great Dane singing the famous Nickleback hit…..think the word hilarious is more appropriate!! We have reached well over 1000 hits and we haven’t even got it on the Home Page of our website YET!!!! But we are working on it and it will be up there in the next week. Meanwhile here is the YouTube video:

Yes it is a commercial about dog food but we didn’t want to lay it on too thick because it should be about having fun and making people laugh right?  Of course it’s about dog food but when was dog food a raunchy and exciting topic? We’ve made the dogs raunchy and exciting instead because we ONLY sell a great range of Super Premium dog food. You are buying a quality kibble whatever you choose! 

We think you will like our video and it will put a LARGE smile on your face! If you appreciate it then please click on the Facebook link and ‘Like’ our page or/and click on the Twitter link and follow them Luv Dogzs!!

Meanwhile, we are holding auditions for our next video which hopefully will be out before Christmas!

Here are a few contenders hoping for fortune and fame……..

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