pug dressed upSo what can you do if your dog is seriously overweight? Carrying too much weight can reduce a dog’s life by up to 2 years because of heart disease and diabetes. Overweight dogs probably suffer from joint problems, high blood pressure and breathing difficulties. So it is wise to have your dog checked out by a vet.

The obvious ways to help your dog reduce weight is to increase exercise and change his diet. Your vet will advise you if your dog is seriously overweight. But the majority of dogs would benefit from a gradual increase in exercise and a gradual decrease in the amount fed for daily meals.

Why did your dog put on so much weight in the first place? Probably because he was fed too many treats and titbits from the table. A bit like slowly killing him with kindness. Many dog owners are under time pressure and their dogs may not always be getting enough exercise during the week. Feeding your dog cheaper brands of dog food may mean he has a high cereal and sugar intake as some foods have sugar in them to make them more palatable. Whatever the reason you need to take stock of your pet’s lifestyle and look at ways of bringing his calorie intake down.

There are specific dry dog foods that are labelled Senior or Senior/Light.  These are designed to include less fat and oils and of course, fewer calories.  Luv Dogz offers three senior dry dog foods, all of which contain Chondroitin and Glucosamine to help joints and well being. They are completely Natural and our Simpson product for Senior Dogs is also grain-free. Reduce the amount you feed your dog gradually. At the same time increase your dog’s exercise gradually which can also be good for the well being of his owner. If you are worried about your dog’s weight and health for any reason take him to your vet.

We all owe our dogs a healthy lifestyle into old age……it is what we would want isn’t it?