Dog in specsHe’s got a point you know. What we feed our dogs has an impact on their health, well being and temperament.  The key is to read the label on the dog food bag. The manufacturers have a statutory requirement to give truthful information about the nature and quality of their products.

Included on every label or package, the law requires certain obligatory declarations. Amongst them are the Typical Analytical Constituents by a percentage such as proteins, oils and fats, fibre, moisture, ash, etc. The Composition or Ingredients List has to declare ingredients in descending order by weight. Ideally, single-source proteins such as chicken, lamb, turkey, salmon, etc should be listed individually. ‘Meat and animal derivatives’ should be sourced from animals which have been passed as fit for animal consumption. They are usually parts of the animal which are surplus to the requirements of the human food industry. But other than representing the legal minimum requirement we have no knowledge of what they are from the label. The same goes for ‘cereals’.

Some manufacturers may add sugar (sucrose) as an ingredient to make their food tastier. Probably not wise as it can help the dog put on weight more easily. Fructose and glucose are natural products present in fruit, vegetables and cereals.

Additives used in dog food include vitamins, flavours, preservatives, antioxidants and colourings. They can come from natural sources and are usually declared as tocopherols and are considered beneficial. As in human food, there are many additives in dog food that are not considered beneficial in certain quantities.

Generally, Super Premium Dog Food is of a higher quality due to its content and digestibility. The ingredients are single-source protein and the meat content is high. Many of these dog foods are becoming grain-free or have a specific ‘good’ grain content like oats. They are hypoallergenic avoiding the ingredients which are most likely to cause allergic reactions in dogs. They are formulated without beef, pork, wheat, wheat gluten, dairy or egg. They are more expensive but still affordable because you feed a lesser amount to your dog in order to get the necessary nutrition your dog needs.

Food is important to your dog and we have the responsibility of providing quality food to meet his needs……..