Pug FaceWe came across these claims recently while we were doing research on the packaging for our new Working and Sporting Range of Grain-Free Dry Dog Food. To say we were a little amused is an understatement … that was after we got over the shock!



Claim No 1

“This dog food is the tastiest in town – just ask your dog if you don’t believe it!”

Response: My dog doesn’t talk so he’s not likely to answer me back…….and we don’t live in a town.



Claim No 2

“No more smelly dog farts!”

Response: Do you really have to tell customers that?



Claim No 3

“Ingredients chosen with love!”

Response: Does that mean you kiss the de-boned Scottish Salmon and cuddle the run-free Chicken then?



Claim No 4

“Our Recipe has been designed by the UK’s leading Nutritionists.”

Response: Now that’s a bit vague….do these leading Nutritionists in the UK have names?




Claim No 5

“Fit for humans”

Response: Even if it was true how many humans would relish eating their dog’s food?



Claim No 6

“Helps your dog dazzle!”

Response: Does this mean your dog will take your breath away if it eats this food? My dog doesn’t eat this food but takes my breath away every time he pulls me over!




Claim No 7

“This is a recipe for Working Dogs!!

Response: So why are there only images of Wolves in the wild all over the packaging then?



Claim No 8

“UK Dog Owners are going mad for our range of natural foods.”

Response: Really?? There are lots of ranges of natural foods for dogs so UK Dog Owners hardly need to go mad over one!



Claim No 8

“Tastes so great they will love it immediately”

Response: Wow do you mean dogs will actually eat it as an expression of their love?




Claim No 9

“Designed for Dogs”

Response: Stating the obvious because that can be applied to all dog food…..or are we missing something??




Claim No 10

“Natural Chicken as the first ingredient”

Response: Well we wouldn’t want to feed our dogs Unnatural Chickens now would we!