Like the dog food, we only want to sell quality products in the Joint Care range. Our tablets and capsules combine the best ingredients to make the most complete chondroprotective joint supplement available on the UK market. I have been giving the tablets to both my older Great Dane bitches. The older one is TEN YEARS old tomorrow. This is Daisy……..

Daisy Dane

Daisy hasn’t had any serious joint problems during her lifetime. But this winter we noticed she was stiffer in her legs when she got up to go outside. Particularly in the morning getting out of her bed. Being the wettest winter for 100 years probably hasn’t helped her stiffness. Ten years is a good age for a Great Dane though a dane that age isn’t going to run silly round the field anymore. Since giving her the joint tablets Daisy happily potters around the garden and field at her leisure. She seems to be more mobile and getting up from the floor or from her bed doesn’t seem to be the chore it was. At the very least these tablets can improve the quality of life for an elderly pet.

The Platinum Essentials Small Dog & Cat Joint Care are ideal for the smaller animals because they come in gelatin sprinkle capsules. They can be taken whole or sprinkled over a small dog or cat’s food.