Small breed dogs are in vogue and have been more popular for the last 10 years in the UK and many other countries across the world. The weight of a small breed dog is generally up to 9 – 10 kg. Their popularity is continuing to grow and in 2022 expect 59% of the dog population in the UK to be small breeds.

In a way our preference for small breed dogs has evolved around the changing lifestyles we find ourselves in today. There are modern economic pressures. Urbanisation means people are living in flats and compact houses with small gardens or no garden at all. But the benefits for residents include more job opportunities and potentially higher incomes. Land is not a finite commodity hence house building companies are under pressure to build as many houses/flats as they can deliver on a parcel of land. Therefore, the obvious choice of dogs evolving in urban environments are small breeds.


There are advantages to owning small breeds. A small dog eats less than medium to larger dogs. Vet bills can be cheaper along with beds and accessories, kennel accommodation when owners go on holiday and in theory, they need less exercise. But that isn’t always the case. Some small breeds can require more exercise than larger dogs! On the health side small breeds are less likely to suffer from joint conditions and more likely to have good digestion. They also tend to live longer lives.

Dog food recipes for small breed dogs are formulated to provide balanced nutrition for those breeds whose weight is under 10kg. They need a small kibble that is suitable for the size of their mouths to enable them to eat their food comfortably. Larger kibble can present difficulties and make it awkward for them to crunch into smaller pieces to swallow.

Smaller breeds require proportionately higher nutrient levels in comparison to larger breeds. During the puppy stage they have a higher metabolic rate which helps them burn calories quickly. This means they need a higher calorific surplus diet for correct growth and development. They reach adult size more quickly than larger breed dogs. Small breeds need a correct portion that is recommended in the feeding guides as small dogs can easily be overfed. This can lead to excessive weight gain which can be critical to a small dog. With a quality balanced diet for a small dog, it is perfectly acceptable to feed a pure kibble diet. But you can add and mix a small amount of cooked or raw meat or fish.


Check out the Luv Dogz website! Luv Dogz has a great range of dry kibble for all small breeds. For puppies we have a Naturals Puppy Turkey With Rice and a Grain Free Puppy Turkey With Duck and Sweet Potato. For Adult Small Breeds we have ten recipes from Super Premium, Grain Free and Superfoods.

If you feel you would like to buy a 2kg sample bag which should give you a good idea of how much your dog is happy with the recipe please contact us at and we can arrange to send it to you!