We are now selling Barking Heads' Ultra Premium Dog Food Yay!!!!!!!!

At Luv Dogz Ltd we are very impressed with Barking Heads natural food for dogs. British ingredients and British made! We also love the humourous twist to such a serious range of ultra premium dog foods. The Barking Heads family kind of makes Yodi feel at home because he reckons they are as amusing as himself.

801331034.small                          Yodi Cartoon

We have a litter of Great Dane puppies at just 12 days old and next week we will need to wean them on a quality large breed puppy kibble. We already have an excellent Large Breed Puppy Salmon & Potato. But because we want to promote our new Barking Heads range, why not start them on the "little big foot" Puppy.  What do you say guys???

Puppies 030714 6Puppies 030714 9Green Collar 010714 2Puppies 030714 7Green Collar 010714 2Puppies 030714 2

Yawn!! Yeah whatever! Just feed us and fill our tummies.............feeling a bit sleepy now yawn.

Puppies 060714 3Puppies 060714 2Puppies 060714 1

Ok we will wean you on Barking Heads "little big foot" Puppy and see how you little 'uns grow!

Where's the number for Barking Heads??? Need to get our order in!

Posted: 04/07/2014