Daneline CharityIt might not sound a great deal of money but the donations continued today for Daneline. Hopefully, it won’t be long before they top £100 and we can send them another £50 cheque. We want all our four charities on the website to be receiving cheques and we will be looking at ways to do this. All four are very important and they all deserve to receive donations for the excellent work they do tirelessly helping animals.

Meanwhile, Daneline, run by Lissi and Sue, has been a Great Dane Rescue for over 40 years. In 2009 Lissi received the RSPCA’s top award “for her outstanding contribution to the welfare of Great Danes and other animals over many years.” Every Great Dane that comes into the rescue is taken to a vet to receive a thorough health check. Unfortunately, in the last few years many Great Danes have been handed in with severe health problems. The most common being cruciates, skin problems and eye problems.

Whatever the problem Daneline will ensure each dog gets the appropriate veterinary treatment and the fees have been sky high. Many of the Danes are given treatment costing thousands of pounds. Who knows why so many Great Danes are coming into rescue with appalling health problems. Perhaps people can no longer afford to insure their pets. But Daneline seems to go on regardless for the Great Danes. The people who foster for Daneline do an outstanding service in helping the dogs to recovery and finding their new homes. They are sometimes unsung heroes in the world of dog rescue. This is Sonny’s story:

“Sonny is a blue 3 year old castrated boy. He came into Daneline’s care via a foster home in Scunthorpe. On arrival it was noticed that he had a problem with a back leg. He was taken to the vets the following day where he was diagnosed with a cruciate rupture. As this is a specialised operation we moved him to a foster home in Nottingham whereby he could recuperate with no other dogs around. Sonny was taken to Highcroft vets for x-rays and a CT scan. A cruciate rupture was confirmed and his other leg was fine. After discussions with Nick the vet, we were informed that a spare part was required to be sent from Italy. We had to wait for 2 weeks and last Friday, April 4th, Sonny travelled down to Bristol and arrived at 8am sharp for his op. He was picked up the following day and is now recuperating back home. The op went well and he will go back for x-rays in 8 weeks’ time and hopefully be ready to go to a forever home. Sonny is a perfect boy, not very brave but does love all the attention he can get! He loves his dinners and used to love going for walks. We wish him well and a speedy recovery. “

Daneline has told us their £50 cheque is going towards paying off Sonny’s veterinary fees………it’s just a drop in the ocean. We hope we can give them more in the future because there are many more Great Danes like Sonny.