There is lots of good practical advice like drawing the curtains, turning the television up, feeding them earlier before dark, providing a place for them to snuggle into like a cupboard or a box and staying calmly with them in the same room without fussing over them. But quite often your pet is still a trembling and very frightened dog or cat.


At Luv Dogz, we have a product called Platinum Essentials Calm Care to help your pets through their fear. Dogs or cats suffering bouts of fear is a normal reaction to the need for survival. But this fear can be ongoing in some urban areas and can be out of proportion to the actual danger. This is when they need something to help them through their trauma.

Platinum Essentials Calm Care is a food supplement designed to aid in the management of nervous dogs. It combines an unparalleled range of ingredients to promote calm and reduce anxiety in times of stress. It can be used when your pet is experiencing stress such as when travelling, kennel stays, vet visits, grooming, separation anxiety, show events, mild anxiety disorders as well as the terror of FIREWORK EXPLOSIONS.

Our capsules come in a two pice gelatin capsule which can be given whole or sprinkled on your dog or cat’s food. They comprise of the following:

Active Ingredients per Capsule – L-Tryptophan (pharmaceutical grade) 150mg, Valerian Root Extract (Valeriana officinalis) 50mg, Ashwaganda Extract (Withania somnifera) 50mg, Catnip Extract (Nepetacataria) 50mg, Chamellia sinesis 25mg, Calcium (aspartate) 30mg, Magnesium (aspartate) 30mg

Additives – Gelatin, glycerine, silica and water


Don’t forget that our pets have more sensitive hearing than we do and firework explosions are a major trauma for many of our pets.