There are 30 other countries around the world that have already banned wild animals in circuses including Greece, Bolivia, Bosnia, etc……but so far, despite the government pledging to put a ban in place, the UK has yet to do so. Why? Indeed why and if you read the letter written by the Luv Dogz Ltd Director, Helen Seddon, to David Cameron you may or may not be able to find an answer. In fact, it is so farcical and absurd one cannot help but wonder if the three backbench Conservative MPs who have managed to block the bill seven times between them have secondary careers as circus clowns.


Winter is upon us and temperatures are dropping into minus figures amidst the snow, ice and galeforce winds we have experienced in the last few days. Spare a thought for the lions and tigers owned by Thomas Chipperfield spending the winter on the back of the ‘Beastwagon’ in a windswept field in the north of Scotland……….photos courtesy of Animal Defenders International


Please read this letter to David Cameron, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom:

Dear David Cameron,

I have been appalled by the objections of three backbench Conservative MPS which has resulted in blocking Jim Fitzpatrick’s private bill to ban the use of wild animals in circuses for the seventh time last Friday, 12 December 2014. This is very disappointing when you offered YOUR PERSONAL SUPPORT along with your government, the Labour Party and over 90% of the public to see this bill go through.

I cannot understand why any decent person in this day and age would find keeping wild animals such as lions and tigers in small cages on the back of trailers and using minimum areas for training and exercise acceptable. Why would anyone want to watch these big cats do mundane tricks when they have the opportunity, even if only on film, of seeing them living in their natural state in the wild. I might add this is far more awe-inspiring and exciting than watching the poor creatures stick their paws in the air at the sound of a whip cracking.  Being so incensed I did a bit of research on the three Conservative MPs who had been continuously blocking this bill.

The Conservative MPs being Christopher Chope, Andrew Rosindell and Philip Davies appear to have many things in common, not least of giving the impression they would be more at home in Nigel Farage’s UKIP Party. Now there’s a circus for you! Perhaps these gentlemen will be the next defectors to the UKIP Party where their far right-wing beliefs will be warmly welcomed. I can assure you it will be no loss to the Conservative Party.

Meanwhile, the British Veterinary Association backs the ban along with the RSPCA on the basis that travelling circuses CANNOT meet the needs of wild animals from basic housing to natural behaviour. Their training to do ‘circus tricks’ is forced and unnatural just like the huge audiences, crowds, loud music and travelling around the country is alien to these creatures.

What planet does Rosindell exist on when he claims the circus as a ‘Great British Institution’ has high standards of welfare!  So the animals get fed and housed, albeit inadequately, and we are supposed to applaud this? Then his silly claim that the wild animals in the circus have been born in captivity for generations so that makes it alright. But he becomes more hideously silly when he says it would be cruel to remove them from their little cages and performing with their loving owners because they are used to it! These animals have the instincts of WILD animals! It’s in their DNA and no amount of so-called loving owners and little cages they have ‘got used to’ is going to change them from the species they are! If it did their loving owners would be walking them on leads to the park and letting them off to have a romp with domestic dogs and their owners.

Chope gives me the impression of being so far up his backside he’s out of touch with the reality of being a member of the British population. What dope describes the catering staff in the House of Commons as “servants”? It’s bad enough to read about his hefty expenses taken from the taxes of hard-working people and his opposition to the minimum working wage for all those people not privileged enough to get their Chesterfield sofa reupholstered £881 at the expense of the British taxpayer. The only reason I could see him objecting to the Bill going through was that it had been proposed by a member of the Labour Party!

What Davies has to do with circuses and wild animals is an enigma to me. He “enjoys all sports, in particular horse-racing, where Philip is both an owner and a breeder.” He’s a rabid eurosceptic and has been quoted as saying “scrap the Human Rights Act for foreign nationals and chuck them out of the country”. I rather think his heart is with UKIP but he knows which side his bread is buttered on by hanging out with the Conservative Party.

There is a lot of odious things going on in the world today and I accept that you as Prime Minister have a lot on your plate. But surely it wouldn’t take a great deal of effort to put these three MPs from your party in their place because from where I am standing they are only doing this because a Labour MP has introduced this private Bill. It’s ridiculous and outrageous when they should be representing the majority of the public who want to see wild animals in circuses banned.  Up in Scotland the lions and tigers of young Mr Tom Chipperfield ( no doubt one of the loving owners Rosindell is referring to) are in their dingy cramped winter quarters in a freezing windswept field in the North of Scotland. I wouldn’t leave any animal in conditions like that in the winter!

In summary, I am asking you to show some compassion and take the lead in banning wild animals in circuses in the UK. There are already 30 countries around the world and they say Ireland will be the next. It’s a sad day for this country when we should be taking the lead on this instead of lagging behind with the times.  Anyway, you had better get your skates on because the Labour Party has pledged to put this ban through when it gets back into power……..and that could be as early as May 2015.

Yours sincerely

Helen Seddon

CC The World