Great Dane Rescue



Sue and Lissi have been rescuing and rehoming Great Danes throughout the UK and abroad since 1968.  That’s over 40 years of caring and helping this Giant Breed. In 2009 Lissi received the RSPCA’s top award for work against animal cruelty. The citation reads, “For her outstanding contribution to the welfare of Great Danes and other animals over many years”.

Sue and Lissi with Lennox

The number of Great Danes that need help has never been so high.  Daneline doesn’t put their rescue danes in kennels. They use ‘foster’ homes for the danes which means the ‘foster parents’ are able to assess each dane in their care.  Foster parents also provide help and advice and aftercare support when the danes go to their new homes.

Every dane is taken to a vet within a few days for a comprehensive health check. They are then wormed, flead and vaccinated. Any necessary treatment and operations are done as a matter of course. When the danes leave for their new homes they go with a new collar and lead, vaccination card, health history, five days food, a comprehensive information pack and a contract which also details all Daneline have done and any other support if required.


A full assessment is done whilst each dane is in their care. They assess temperament and any behavioural problems or training that needs to be addressed.  Things like recall and behaviour on and off lead, socialization with other dogs, children, visitors, livestock, separation anxiety, possessive behaviour or aggression over food and toys and anything else considered quirky.  It’s important for such a large dog to have manners.

It’s difficult to comprehend how much effort and care is put into these large dogs when they come into Rescue.  The dedication of the foster parents and supporters is vital for everything to run smoothly.  This unpaid help is the backbone of the Rescue.  But vet fees are mounting for the Rescue as people hand in their danes because some folk don’t have the financial means to pay and have their dogs treated.  The elderly danes often need veterinary support and Daneline  is committed to paying for their keep and medication for the rest of their lives.

Great Dane in Neon coat