K9 Kalm Naturally Calming Stress Supplement


  • Natural Feed Supplement aiding the management of anxious dogs
  • Suitable for any size dog from Toy to Giant breeds
  • Combines an unparalleled range of ingredients
  • Promotes calming and reduces anxiety
  • Useful for stress such as travel, kennel stays, grooming, separation anxiety, show events, fireworks, visits to the vet and mild anxiety disorders
  • two piece gelatin capsule given whole or sprinkled on food
  • 50 capsules per pot
  • 1 – 2 working days Free Delivery​
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K9 Kalm has been designed to encourage tranquil behaviour in dogs. It combines an unparalleled range of ingredients which help to promote calmness and reduce anxiety.

It can be given whole or sprinkled on your pet’s food in times of stress such as travelling, kennel stays, grooming, separation, show events, fireworks, visits to the vet, thunderstorms and for mild anxiety disorders.  It can also be helpful when walking your dog in public places, for unrestrained barking or even when cutting nails and general hyperactivity.

L Trytophan and its metabolite 5HTP have been shown to increase levels of seratonin.

Chamellia Sinensis is an excellent source of L-Theanine which has been used for many years to promote mental and physical relaxation and decrease stress and anxiety.

The balance of Calcium and Magnesium are essential in maintaining muscle function and nerve conduction. Imbalances of these can lead to irritability and a predisposition to stress.

Active Ingredients per Capsule – L-Tryptophan (pharmaceutical grade) 150mg, Valerian Root Extract (Valeriana officinalis) 50mg, Ashwaganda Extract (Withania somnifera) 50mg, Catnip Extract (Nepetacararia) 50mg, Chamellia Sinesis Extract 25mg, Calcium (aspartate) 30mg, Magnesium (aspartate) 30mg.

Additives – Gelatin, glycerine, silica and water

Directions For Use:

For dogs less than 10kg in body weight, give one capsule daily with meals. For each additional 10kg of body weight give an extra capsule or as recommended by your vet. The total amount of capsules given per day can be split bewtween morning and evening meals.