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Stress is a normal part of life for dogs as well as humans. But the difference is humans often have a choice in alleviating their stress whilst dogs don’t. Owners often put their dogs in situations that are stressful like taking them to dogs shows, travelling long distances in a vehicle, leaving them confined in small spaces on their own for hours and putting them in kennels to name but a few.

Often owners think their dogs are fine because they do not realise the signs of stress. Some signs are obvious such as panting, drooling, trembling and shaking. Other signs are less obvious such as barking or excessive licking. Whatever causes stress in your dog’s life can either be removed or can be helped. K9 Kalm was formulated to help your dogs in their time of need and is 100% natural.


Going to the Vet can be a stressful experience for a dog and often because the dog has experienced trauma from previous visits. Bethany told us that she gives her Rough Collie, Sandy, K9 Kalm a few hours before she goes to the vet. Sandy now walks into the Vets with confidence and is happy for the staff to pat and make a fuss of her.

Show dogs can have a stressful time at shows where there can be hundreds or even thousands of dogs if we take Crufts as the largest example. Dogs barking, snapping and being generally disruptive on benches and even by the ringside can be a nightmare for some dogs to endure. We have customers whose dogs range from small to giant breeds who use K9 Kalm to relax their dogs at the shows.