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I became obsessed with Great Danes back in 2003 when I bought my first Dane to show.

Twenty years later I am the proud owner and breeder of Champions across three generations.

I won Best Of Breed at Crufts 2017 with Fenton whose daughter then won the title in 2019.

Integral part of rearing and showing this giant breed is what you feed them.

I wanted a quality dry dog food at a sensible price for my dogs.

Turned out there were many other people who also wanted the same for their dogs!

I have always believed diet has a lot to do with health and behavioural problems.

Never had a fussy eater so they kept good weight and shiny coats.

It is important to have natural and wholesome ingredients in their food.

The thought of cereal or meat derivatives in dog food was a definite No No!

Doesn’t matter whether dogs are pedigree or cross breed, our dogs deserve a quality food.

We all want a healthy, happy and well adjusted dog.

Luv Dogz has a great choice from Super Premium, Grain Free and Superfood for all breeds and size of dogs!

Our dog food is delivered to your door within one or two working days.

It’s that simple!!