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Outstanding Dog Charity: NOWZAD Registered Charity 1119185

Founded by a former British Royal Marine, Pen Farthing, the Nowzad charity has helped to reunite more than a 1,000 dogs and cats with soldiers who befriended them whilst fighting the Taliban.....
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Good dog food guide

Super Premium Dog Food

Luv Dogz Ltd sells hypoallergenic Super Premium dog food because all dogs deserve a quality food made with only the finest raw materials. 

Top Quality for your dog and Best Value for your pocket!

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Money raised for charity

Luv Dogz wants to put something back from the success of their business and we are supporting these four charities.  For every transaction we will donate £1 to one of the charities chosen by the customer at the checkout.  It doesn’t cost you anymore to donate and the charity will get the donation as cash. 

Under each charity there is a summary explaining what the charity is all about.  We hope to bring more news and information on each charity.  We will also be informing our customers on how much they have raised for the charities on a regular basis.

There are several reasons for giving the charities cash rather than products.  The first is that cash is something that can be measured by its monetary value and we can all understand that.  It’s easier for our customers to see their donations going in full to where they want them to go. Cash in some cases is going to be far more useful than say bags of dog food or accessories.  We believe that the charities know best on how to spend their donations and will ultimately get better value for the amount they receive.

Lastly our accounting systems are automated which means they will leave an audit trail for the donations.  This makes it easier for us to ensure the donations get to the right charity and automatically update the information re donations on the website.

Helen Seddon


Total Raised£1961