• Yay! Sexy And I Know It Cover ROCKS!! 

    Check it out now...

    Yay! Sexy And I Know It Cover ROCKS!!
  • FLEUR DANE Singing Sax!

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We are hoping to change over to the new website by the end of the month. Meanwhile orders can continue to be put on this website without any problems. Please contact us on the email address below if you experience any difficulties!

We are grateful to all our old and new customers who have stayed with us over the last couple of years. The products will be the same as on the old website as well as many new products. Anything you have ordered before will still be available at the same price.

There are also new products regarding the Health Section and a new section for Dog Accessories which will go on after the Dog Food and Health Products are up and running.

Any problems or queries please contact us on info@luvdogz.co.uk