Danes Playing

So we launched the website less than a week ago and made our debut on Facebook and Twitter and we’ve had a lot of interest.  The orders are starting to go through the shopping cart and we have 12 transactions to date.  I should explain that not all Luv Dogz sales have or will go through the shopping cart for various reasons. Some customers don’t have a computer, some prefer to pay by cheque, some have accounts and some buy in bulk. 

It’s easy to verify transactions on the shopping cart and the process leaves an audit trail. Charities can monitor the number of donations too. So what I am thinking is perhaps we could find a way to fund a specific project for a charity in a few months.  Will get my thinking cap on in the coming weeks!

Meanwhile, we’ve got more products to get on the website!  Luv Dogz has a ‘Platinum Essentials’ range which will be available next week.  Our manufacturer supplies mainly to the vet trade so we know we are getting good products. This range includes Joint Care for small dogs and cats to medium and large breed dogs.  There is also a Skin and Coat Care and a Calm Care in the range. We should be able to provide a competitive price compared to other similar products being sold. Everything is also ‘Free Delivery’.

We will also be stocking Pet Remedy products which are naturally de-stress and calming for dogs and other pets. They also have a very popular low voltage heat pad and we will be selling that too.  There are so many good quality products we will be stocking like cool coats for dogs which can be machined washed and our own range of leads and accessories.  Guess it is down to how quickly I can get them on…..

Apart from all the hard work deep down I have to admit this website is becoming fun.  I know! If you are in business you are not supposed to say that. Well, I am saying it and admitting it. Funny thing is I am learning so much and it’s great if we can help those caring for, looking out for and doing their best for all the animals on this planet.