K9 Kalm Liquid


  • 120ml Salmon Flavoured Liquid Composition
  • Natural Stress Supplement
  • Suitable For Any Size Dog
  • Can Be Given Directly into the mouth or mixed with food
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  • Calming effect by reducing anxiety levels
  • Assist during kennel stays, vet visits and grooming
  • Support when travelling
  • Behaviourial issues
  • Fireworks
  • Left alone at home
  • Dog Showing
  • Change of surroundings
  • During thunderstorms
  • Relief for stress induced behaviour in dogs
  • Contains an unparalleled blend of ingredients
  • Total amount of liquid per day can be split between morning and evening
  • Manufactured in UK pharmaceutical grade facilities
  • Vet Recommended


K9 Kalm Liquid has been designed to encourage tranquil behaviour in dogs.

Active Ingredients:

L-Tryptophan (75mg) and L-Theanine (25mg) Essential for the production of Serotonin which supports a sense of calm.
Valerian Root Extract (25mg) A herb native to Europe and Asia. Helps sooth and eases anxiety.
Ashwagandha Extract (25mg) Noted for its adaptogenic and stress relieving effects.
Catnip Extract (25mg) To help reduce anxiety.
Magnesium Citrate (5mg) Provides relief from stress and anxiety.
Calcium (5mg) Supports nervous system and muscle function.

Directions For Use:

For dogs less than 10kg in bodyweight, use the enclosed measured dropper to give 1 ml twice a day with meals.
For each additional 10kg of bodyweight give an extra 1ml twice a day, or as recommended by your veterinary surgeon.
Shake well before use
Administer using the dropper the amounts shown below twice daily with meals.

Feeding Guide

Size of Dog Weight Daily dose Days Supply (one bottle)
Small Dog <10kg 1ml twice per day 60 days
Small-Medium Dog 10-19kg 2ml twice per day 30 days
Medium Dog 20-29kg 3ml twice per day 20 days
Large Dog 30-40+kg 4ml twice per day 15 days

For animal use only.
Do not use in conjunction with CNS depressants, prior to anaesthesia or with hepatotoxic drugs.
In case of accidental overdose contact your veterinary surgeon immediately.
Keep out of reach of children and other animals.
Do not use if tamper-evident seal is broken or missing.
To be stored in a cool, dry place between 10-25ÂșC.
Keep out of direct sunlight.